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encyclopedia | Enterprise encyclopedia | Talent center | Secondhand wooden machine your position: Homepage of website of Chinese timber industry - center of decks for swimming pools waterproof floor wooden trade news The Chinese is versed in afforestation area occupies world first place Issue date: 2002-1-27 origin: According to Beijing of Xinhua News Agency January 22 report (reporter Chen Gang) Zhou Shengxian of director of national forestry bureau composite plastic wood tables for restaurants announces here today, the Chinese is versed in afforestation saves an area to already amounted to 700 million mus, take the world about artificial forest the 1 / of the area 3, house world the first. Si Dalin of the Russia before China is being carried out and undertaking project of pilot 6 big green will exceed transforms project of forestry of composite particle board suppliers in philippines llano of nature plan, Luo Sifu and North Africa the world-class project such as the green dam of 5 countries, become project of world modes of life and relation to their environment most. lightweight sturdy plastic composites to build walls Zhou Shengxian is reported in circumstance of countrywide forestry work say on the meeting, at present countrywide forest area increases to 23. 800 million mus, quantity of silvan save up increases to 112. 700 million stere,