the import of rare wood flooring

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Is the import of rare wood flooring, in fact it is an ordinary wooden floor. Cases of floor consumer complaints and more Changsha Municipal Industrial and Commercial Bureau issued a consumer warning based on the recent cases of receiving complaints: Consumers do not rely on imported rare wood in the merchant's mouth when purchasing wooden flooring, paying particular attention to the following three major deceptions. Lies rare wood. The so-called rare wood is made by merchants out of nothing, such as golden wood, rich wood, ivory wood, etc., can not be found in the national standard of wood name. Dyed ordinary wood to replace high-grade wood. For example, red sandalwood is a very valuable wood, but some businesses have openly declared that they are selling rosewood flooring. In fact, they use fake wood of similar colors and textures. The interior is full of insect eyes, Related links: Ebay Above Ground Pool Decks deck protect fire pit pad uk Wall Paneling Sale in India