floor industry competition

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market, and in the second half to get better development will start diversification strategy, flooring companies really must also strive to expand commercial space, shopping platform, And through the external market to seek a breakthrough. Of course, the floor industry competition in the final analysis, the final quality and service competition.wooden patio deck with stairs The industry generally believe that the quality and service of the flooring industry will always be the foundation, there is no quality and service to do the foundation, the future is difficult. Real estate is the main market demand for wood products, construction and interior decoration on the demand for wood products, involving wooden furniture, flooring, wood-based panels and other
major products. Therefore, the real estate market changes will have a significant impact on the timber industry. The downturn in the real estate market has led to a reduction in the domestic demand for wood products. In the deteriorating environment, composite white colonial balusters the timber industry exports even worse. The sharp reduction in exports of wood products led to the shift of a large number of products to the domestic market. However, due to the real estate downturn, the demand for wood products such as domestic furniture and laminate flooring
decreased, making the domestic market more competitive. There are many high-density fiberboard products backlog, the price drop. According to the survey, many fiber board enterprises export products per cubic meter of about 300 yuan lower prices, domestic products per cubic meter of about drop more than 100 yuan, and some even lower than the cost of production, forcing some fiberboard production or semi-discontinued production. Real estate industry is a barometer of the market economy, build deck bench seat troms housing transactions directly affect the decorative materials industry, the floor bear the brunt of the industry. The shrinking of the external market has turned a large number of export-oriented enterprises into the