exempt plane with its

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avoids lacquer to exempt plane with its the characteristic such as natural, beautiful, durable, free from contamination, become the person that the ground decorates the top composite decking material for beach outstanding in material. As we have learned, on market of nowadays building materials, carry the sort of leading role floor that decorates before the bedroom a lot of, the real wood floor board that has a tradition already has the aggrandizement floor board of anti-cracking wpc furniture for outdoor a new force suddenly rises again, still have in last few years from real wood floor familial in the solid Mu Fu that derives joins a floor board, but price reachs 500 yuan 100 yuan in every square commonly between, consumer thinks real wood floor maintains not easily, there is some of worry when buying this kind of plywood for outdoor deck floor board so. Current, a few manufacturer roll out avoid lacquer to avoid floor of dig real wood, because of its price moderate, quality is good, installation is simple, maintain convenient, Closeout Fence Panels more the life requirement of modern of press close to, at a draught occupational floor market. Nevertheless, consumer also wants to notice when buy, name of the floor on the market is very at present confused, woodiness has a