The mahogany floor went into the kitchen

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The appearance of the natural two-winged bean solid wood floor is rather simple, with moderate shades of color and a slightly rough texture, but it looks natural and comfortable, giving the home a little more cordial and warmth. For modern minimalist style decoration, with light-colored furniture is a good choice.
Natural floor: Millennial trees, woody homes, balsampea arbors, very little global production, due to processing difficulties, low yield and even more rare luxury. The wood is reddish-brown to purple-brown, with light-colored stripes. The growth rings are not obvious. The texture of the wood is staggered. The structure is fine and uniform. The wood has a strong luster and is magnificent. Because of its natural flavor, the wood is pleasant, lasting, mild and natural. , elegant and unique, quite "sweep shadow horizontal water shallow, dark fragrant floating moon at dusk" feeling.
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