East of Ealing

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Image of East Of Ealing (Brentford Trilogy)
Author: Robert Rankin
Publisher: Corgi (1992)
Binding: Paperback, 288 pages

The third of the highly successful Brentford trilogy once more sees Robert Rankin’s anti-hero’s Pooley and Omally strutting their stuff to save the London Borough from ultimate disaster.

Would you believe a diabolical plan to bar code every living person is going down. Not that this worry’s our Mr Pooley. Oh no. He has worked out from these revolutionary bar codes how to win his fortune on the horses. And of course his old friend and confidante John Omally will be their along side him to help spend it.

But shock, horror, and not a little narked, they find that the Flying Swan has been bar coded too. No more being able to fob Neville off with foreign coins. Could this be enough to send the two over the edge? And who is behind this awful deed.

Maybe it has something to do with Lateinos and Romiith and their shiny new mysterious building? What’s for sure is that they are up to something. And even Old Pete has gotten involved in bringing these people down, especially after they stopped his double payment of pension each week that the post office had seemed to over look.

Is it Armageddon time for Brentford again? Or can they save the borough. Maybe this job might be too big for them. Proffesor Slocombe aids as best he can, but when a time warped Sherlock Holmes turns up, you know you’re in for a mighty power of wits.

Reviewed by David V.Baker


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I heard a lot about this book and would really like to read it but I can't find it anywhere for some reason. I am ready for more than EduZaurus prices but that doesn't change anything. Does it mean it isn't popular? Or, quite the opposite but no republishing was made?

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The Brentford Trilogy is a series of nine novels by writer Robert Rankin. They humorously chronicle the lives of a couple of drunken middle-aged layabouts 

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